5 kids (4 girls, age 3, 5, 11, and 14; 1 boy, age 10 and 1/2), 1 husband, me... All 5 kids have serious bed/daytime wetting issues. These are just archives of the original posts in the goodnites forums, you can see the original posts by copying and pasting the following address into your browsers address bar: http://goodnites.iparenting.com/boards/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=mult&Number=1925&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=all&vc=1

Friday, February 18, 2005

General discusion

When your kids are home do you make them try and use the bathroom? And if so how dose this work with them in diapers?
Yes, unless they're sick, I try to encourage them to use the toilet. I try to keep the clothing to a minimum when they're around the house (just the diaper and a shirt) so it's easier for them to get to the diaper. Often my 143yo doesn't wear her goodnites or pull-ups around the house; instead she wears a mini-skirt, with no panties or undies undernethe, so she can lift up the skirt and just go if she's in a hurry. Whene she's not wearing any protection, I put a plastic sheet on the sofa just in case. It doesn't really work if they're wearin the todler diapers, but they only wear those at night, if they're sick, or on the airplane. During the day, at home, my 3yo (who just turned 4 today ) wear easy-ups, my 5yo and 11yo wear pull-ups, my 10yo wears easy-ups, and my 14yo wears goodnites or the miniskirt with no panties or undies.My 3yo is the only one that we don't worry about to much using her diaper, because she is so young; but we have a potty in every room in the house mainly for the 3 and 5yo, but the other ones useit to if they really need to, especially the 10yo.
How well do toddler diapers fit on your 10 and 11 year old? Their weight sound heavy to still be wearing toddler size diapers?
They fit okay, but the whole family has small waists, so size 6 fits them ok.
How often do you have to shop for diapers and pull-ups?
I make one main shopping trip every week, for all our household supplies (food, etc.) and I spend $200 total for everything. I buy 2 packages of each diaper needed in our family. If someone runs out of diapers before next week's shopping trip I go out and buy more. I allways have 1 extra package of todler diapers and depends, just in case of an emergancy, or if they get sick all of a sudden, like yesterday.
Did you are you husband wet the bed?
I had the same problem as my kids untill I was about 7. My husband wet the bed untill he was 8.I'll just note again that I'm archiving everything at http://www.motherjessie.blogspot.com/ ---------------------Jessie

Thursday, February 17, 2005

An adverage weekday for our family...

How well do Huggies Convertables work I would like to try them on my daughters but I don't know enough about them.
They work fine, they're not to much different from pampers cruisers... I usually just nuy whichever one is on sale !
How do you handel all of the diapers and changes?
It can get pretty stressful at times, but usually I have my husband to help, so that eases things.
Dose your 11 year old and 14 year old help with diaper changes?
My 14yo is the only one that even knows how to take on and off her own diaper, and when she's not sick, sometimes she helps change my youngest 2.
Tell me how a typical day would go from the kids wakeing up to them going to bed?
Let's see...
5:30 - 6:00 am - Get everyone out of bed
6:00 - 6:30 am - Get everyone changed out of their dirty diapers
6:30 - 7:30 am - Eat breakfast
7:30 - 8:00 am - Get ready to leave for school (Schoolbags packed, etc.)
8:00 am - Leave for school
9:00 am - Bathroom break for 11yo, nurse check for 10yo
10:00 am - Bathroom break for 11yo and 14yo, nurse check for 10yo
11:00 am - Bathroom break for 11yo, nurse check for 10yo
11:30 am - Nurse check/diaper change for 10, 11, and 14yo
11:45 am - Lunch
12:20 pm - Bathroom break for 11yo and 14yo, nurse check for 10yo

1:00 pm - Bathroom break for 11yo, nurse check for 10yo
2:00 pm - Bathroom break for 11yo and 14yo, nurse check for 10yo. 5yo returns from preschool 2:30 pm - 11yo and 10yo Return Home
2:35 pm - My husband or I do a diaper check and changing into home diapers for 10 and 11yo
3:30 pm - 14yo returns home
3:35 pm - Diaper check and changing if necesary. 14yo change out of goodnite or depend
3:45 pm - 5:15 pm - Homework
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm - Dinner
7:00 pm- 7:30 pm - Change into night time diapers. No more food or drink after 7:00 pm. Watch movie or TV
7:30 pm - 8:00 pm - Comtinue watching movie
8:00 pm - BED
After 8:00 - Finally some free time for my husband and me, unless one of the kids wakes up with a leak!



My 14yo weighs 119 pounds, my 11yo weighs 87 pounds, my 10yo weighs 109 pounds, my 5yo weighs 45 pounds, and my 3yo weighs 32 pounds. ---------------------Jessie


Have you tried useing Pampers Criusers size 6 diapers they work well on my daughters?
I use various types of diapers like that (pampers cruisers, huggies convertables, etc.), but they don't fit my 14yo very anymore, so she's started using depends.
Tell me how well the protection you use works?
What we've got going right now is working pretty well, except for the ocasional leak, mainly form the goodnites.
What sizes are your kids wearing I think it is great that they still can fit toodler diapers?
My 3yo wears size 2, my 5yo wears size 4, my 10 and 11yos wear size 6, my 14yo wears custom depends, My 11 and 14yos wear XL goodnites during the day.I have already had to change 5 children, twice each, with diarea-filled diapers . I just hope I don't catch the flu from them.My husband is not available to help me change them, because recently we just discovered that he never had his chicken pox whene he was a kid... you get the picture.So I have my husband lying in the bathtub, covered in spots; and my 5 children lying in the living room, watching TV, with messes coming out of both ends about every 10 minutes...
How many of you have had to deal with diarea?YESNOView the results for this pollIf you did, how did you handel it??? -Jessie

Children with bed/daytime wetting issues...

Well, it seems that you all have a lot of questions!Let's see now...
What brand of diapers dose your daughters and son wear
My 3yo girl, 5yo girl, and 10yo boy, all use huggies easy-ups. My 11 and 14yo girls wear goodnites. They all wear huggies or pampers at night, but my 14yo is almost to big for baby diapers, so we're thinking of getting her depends.
are your children all going to wear diapers over in england all day or just some of them.
Yes, all my kids will be wearing huggies or pampers on the plane, because it's very hard to change them on the tiny bathroom on board, and baby diapers tend to hold more. During the day, the will be wearing what they usually wear to school. My 11yo is staying here with a friend that also needs diapers.
How have the older ones taken to wearing diapers at night? Do you have to diaper them or can they do it themselves?
They really don't mind using them at night, but my 14yo now has her first boyfriend, and she really doesn't want him finding out. I have to put diapers on everyone but my 14yo myself, who knows how to take them on and off.
what is the diffence with easy ups?
pull-ups are more like goodnites, except they can hold a bit more. Easy-ups are more like diapers, except they're easier to take on/off, they don't hold quite as much, and they have this little design that disapears when they're wet.
What do you do when they want to go swimming?
When we go to the beach, they don't wear any protection; If they're in the water, nobody's going to notice, and if they're on the beach, their bathing suits are going to be dripping anyways. But if they're finshed swimming, they have to change back into protection. When we're at the swimming pool, they all wear little swimmers, axcept for the 14yo, who they don't fit. Does anybody have any sugestions for waterproof protection for my 14yo?
how do you deal with this? it must be a fortune in diapers!
As I mentioned in my previous message, we have a "male nanny" that helps out alot, primarily with my 10yo, because he is such s problem. The diapers do cost quite a bit, it usually costs around $200 per month. Luckily my 10 and 11yos use the same diapers at night, but in the daytime this is imposible, because they have different needs, and even if that wasn't the case, pull-ups and goodnites are gender-specific.
the school thing is unfortunate with your 10 year old. maybe you want to consider homeschool or some sort of unique personal education.
We're are thinking of trying this new thing called "e-schooling," where he can get his lessons over the internet.
how do your kids deal with this? it must be very hard to deal with.
What I've already writen might have ansewerd your question, but if you mean specically dealing with my son: The 14yo helps me control him sometimes (talk to him, calm him down, etc.). But he often gets into fights with my 11yo, and he is quite meen to my 3 and 5yos most of the time... But it is normal for siblings to fight.
My 5yo didn't poop herself all day yesterday. YAY ! But she got into a fight with another girl at the pre (pre = preschool) over a toy, and they both came home with bloody noses.I guess I forgot to tell you that every Wednesday, my son gets special tutoring for behavior, so that's where he was yesterday. He had wet his diaper 3 times, and pooped in it once. When he's at this place, there is someone there to change him, and they provide the diapers.My 11yo had a pretty good day, yesterday, she forgot to take a bathroom break at one point, and wet her diaper pretty bad. She had some pretty close calls, but didn't poop herself all day!My 14yo also had some close calls, but other than a few little drops, didn't wet herself. Yesterday was considered a "dry-day" for her. Her boyfriend asked her out on a date Saturday night, and she really doesn't want to wear diapers that night. We are going to do what we usually do whene we go out somewhere: she is going to wear her goodnites, with plastic panties, and a knee-length skirt.
Today, all 5 of them have come down with the flu. That's the problem with a big family; either no one's sick, or everyone's sick! They are now watching TV in the living room. When they are sick, they all wear huggies or pampers, except the 14yo, who wears depends. The reason for this is, is that they are to sick to get up to go to the bathroom, and their bladders are even weaker than usual, when they have a bug. At the end of the day, or when they poop themselves, I bring them outside to change, and bathe them, because of the mess. By mess I mean DIAREA! It's a nightmare changing them whene they have diarea. That's why I bring them outside, because otherwise it makes huge mess.I hope my 14yo gets better by Saturday, so she can go on her first date!
Well I have to go check on the kids!
So how are your kids doing? Have they had some more dry-days?Sandra, could I have more details on your trip to Europe?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Children with bed/daytime wetting issues...

Hi, my name is Jessie, and I have five kids... yes, you're eyesight is not failing you, 5!I have 4 girls, age 3, 5, 11, and 14; and 1 boy, age 10 and 1/2. My 3yo (yo = year-old) is quite young, so we (my husband and I) are not sure weather she is going to have wetting problems or not... but we're pretty sure she will, because all her siblings do.My 5yo is still in preschool, and is a very heavy wetter/messer. She almost always comes home from preschool with a wet diaper, and 65% of the time she's pooped herself. Allot of the kids that go to that preschool have wetting issues, so I have sent all of my children there. She wears huggies easy-ups at preschool and home. It is a policy at that particular preschool, that all children wear easy-ups, although allot of the children, that aren't quite as heavy wetters, go to pre (preschool) without their diapers on and get changed into them there. Once they're their, they all wear the easy-ups, and a shirt. The monitors at the pre like the children to wear the easy-ups without pant, because then they can see if someone has wet themselves (easy-ups have little designs on them that disappear when wet.Our 11yo wears pull-ups at school, and huggies convertibles baby diapers at night (pull-ups are not the same thing as huggies easy-ups). We have a schedule with the nurse at her school, so that she gets checked for wetness once every 2 hours. She, like her younger sister, is a very heavy wetter, but does not poop herself as much, and is further along the road to not having to wear a diaper at all. She goes to the bathroom (just in case ) every 30 min, but still wets 3-4 times a day, although recently, she has had a couple of days where she's only wet once all day, and, just yesterday, she had a "dry-day," except for a few little drops. YAY ! If she keeps it up for 5 more days, she'll be able to move on to only taking bathroom breaks every 1 hour!My 14yo is doing much better than her 3 younger sisters. She has recently moved up to only taking bathroom breaks every 1 and 1/2 hours! She only needs to go see the nurse once at lunch, or if she wets herself. But now she has just gotten home from her first day with the new routine... I will be checking her goodnite as soon as I'm done typing here, I'm hoping for the best, although the whenever she starts on a new schedule, it usually takes a little getting used to, so I wouldn't be surprise if she's wet herself. She goes to the same school as her brother and 11yo sister.My 10yo boy is sadly the worst . The school has said that he must wear baby diapers to school, because of how bad his wetting is. On top of this he is struggling in school, has failed grade 1, and grade 2, therefore is repeating grade 2 at the moment, and has no friends. Every single day he wets his diaper at least 5 times a day, and poops in it 6 out of 7 days a week. He has to go see the nurse every 30 min. who has him sit on the toilet in her office for 10 min, but often he wets himself in between visits to the nurse, and needs to be change. He is very uncomfortable with the nurse changing him, because she's a woman, and he doesn't want a person from the opposite gender seeing him naked, and sometimes puts up quite a fight sometimes... this poses quite problem. Often he doesn't show up in the office, and the nurse has to try and chase him around the school, he usually wets himself in the excitement. Most of the kids at school know that he wears diapers, because it's harder to hide in a boy, because boys can't wear long skirts. A few times he's gone into the bathroom and taken off his diaper, and thrown it in the garbage, so that when he wets himself he get soaking wet. The worst part of all this is, that he's not showing any signs of improvement.
We're going on a trip to England (we live in the US) in a few days, and we're going to have all of our kids wear pampers easy-ups 24/7. This has posed much argument. Our 11yo girl is staying here with a friend that also has wetting issues. We're going to have her wear huggies easy-ups too, because often when we're away, she has allot more accidents (#1 and #2), and I don't want her friend's mother to have to deal with leaks. We have hired a "male nanny" to come with us, so we can have someone giving their full attention to my 10yo boy.
Well... I'm sure I've blabbed on enough about my family... look forward to reading more of your entries!If you have any questions about my family, no matter what they may be, please feel free to ask away.
Well I've got to go check and see today's wetting situation, change the 11 and 14yo out of their pull-ups (they don't wear them at home except for at night), and change my 3, 5, and 10yo boy into fresh diapers!-Jessie